Protesters in Brazil Tell the World Cup to ‘Go Home’

Protesters walk the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, holding signs that read “Don’t come to the World Cup”. Why? because they are not happy with the amount of money that has been spent on the tournament when there are more important matters to handle such as improving schools and hospitals.

The message however comes all too late, with over 3.2 million tickets sold for the football games they are now completely sold out. So are the majority of hotels in the city, meaning that high premiums are being placed on the ones that remain.

Despite the fact that billions have been spent on the tournament as opposed to improving infrastructure, the games will continue to go on. This small march was by 20,000 people in a city of over 20 million in an attempt to shame the government to foreign audiences, which is why all the signs are written in english.

The world cup starts this thursday, with Brazil Vs. Croatia.

source: Imgur

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