24 Great British Values According to Twitter

Here are 24 Great British values according to Twitter users.

1. Forever being sorry.

Apologising to someone when they bump into you #BritishValues

— Addison Crow (@Addison_Crow) June 10, 2014

2. Are we a push over country?

3. The struggle we all feel.

Thanking someone you clearly want to kill, as it’s the polite thing to do. #BritishValues

— Jen (@Jen_Bur) June 10, 2014

4. The truth!

5. Who doesn’t love a fry up?

Fry-ups #BritishValues

— Patrick Byrne (@mynamespat) June 10, 2014

6.  Its either too hot or too cold.


7. Moaning but never doing anything about it.

Moaning about crap food, service, cleanliness etc. – then saying everything’s fine when asked by an indifferent waiter. #BritishValues

— andrew rimmer (@ianandrewrimmer) June 10, 2014

8. The Sun.

9. Gardening stuggles.

#BritishValues is about fighting with your neighbour about the height of a hedge

— I-News (@Revival_1953) June 10, 2014

10. Please can I go now.

11. Not bothering to learn another language.

Not learning a second language. Instead, wallow in superiority and speak VERY LOUDLY AND SLOWLY in English when abroad. #BritishValues

— Naila Missous (@nsabrinem) June 10, 2014

12. Sunday roast


13. Always offer tea.

No matter what the situation, you must offer a ‘cuppa’ #britishvalues

— Emma-Jane Blakey (@Emma_blakey) June 10, 2014

14. Pretending everything is ok.

15. The awkward silences.

*sitting in clenched silence, knowing it’s always going to be like this* #BritishValues

— blue cinch (@sugarcaul) June 10, 2014

16. Double standards.


17. Sitting on bins

#BritishValues Coffee mornings on bin day pic.twitter.com/qEXSpAtkie

— Badladsplace (@badladsplace) June 10, 2014

18. This Pub:


19. Dressing up statues.

#BritishValues Seeing a rogue traffic cone and immediately working out the nearest sculpture in need of a hat.

— Mr Wood (@woodo79) June 9, 2014

20. Katy Price.


21. Drinking. A lot.

Binge drinking #britishvalues

— Sarah M (@sazza_jay) June 10, 2014

22. Experts at queuing.


23. keyboard warrior

Being passive aggressive on twitter and not doing a single thing about what you’re apparently outraged at. #BritishValues

— Grim Hernandez (@LordHernandez) June 10, 2014

24. Oh, The controversy!

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