15 of The Coolest Lego Furniture Creations Ever


We probably all played with lego when we were older, and now you can relive those childhood memories through this awesome lego furniture. You might have not realised it yet, but you need these amazing lego creations in your life.

How cool and different would your home be if you had a kitchen made of lego!?

lego turntable

Lego Turntables


Lego TV stand

lego table

A lego table

lego chair and table

This lego chair and matching table

lego desk

A lego desk

lego lampshade

A lego lamp shade

lego arch

A lego kitchen divider / archway

lego chair

Even cooler chair.

lego table

Another table.

lego love seat

lego kitchen

A kitchen made of lego!

lego sofa

A lego sofa... mmm comfy.

lego toilet

A lego toilet.

lego mug

A mug to go with your lego kitchen.

lego bed

And finally, a lego bed to sleep in.

Just make sure you allocate enough time everyday to stick stuff back together when bits start falling apart.