29 Cats That Have Lost Their Way in Life

Seriously cats, what are you doing?

1. “Is there a problem…?”

2. “Wait, what was I doing?”

3. “What the!?”

4. “…Sup”

5. “Hello”

6. “Is there anybody out there…”

7. “This is my existence”

8. “What the hell is this thing”

9. “What is this life. WHAT IS THIS!”

10. “O.M.G stay away from me”

11. “This is my life now”

12. “All I do is take shameless selfies. Is this what my life has become…”

13. “I have become a pendulum cat “

14. “I’m just going to sit like this forever”

15. “Are you alright there mate..”

16. “I asked for BBQ sauce not Ketchup!”

17. “Shit, we’ve been spotted”

18. “Please. Somebody love me”

19. “What is this horrific human invention”

20. “I don’t even know what to say anymore…”

21. “I have cut all ties with friends”

22. “Bro… we look like Boris Johnson”

23. “Please play with me!. No, oh ok then”

24. “Damn my life sucks”

25. “Help! it’s trying to eat me”

26. “This box is so not fun”

27. “My life is one big DERP”

28. “What the hell did you do!?”

29. “Shit, better duck and roll”

via BuzzFeed

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