These 50 Incredible World Maps Will Blow Your Mind

These 50 maps will completely change the way that you see the world. If you have ever wondered about gender inequality around the world, minimum wage or which country is most into heavy metal music then you are about to have your mind blown.

This map shows the links made between Facebook friends around the world in one day.

The most used web browsers in each country.

If you have ever wondered whats exactly on the other side of the world to you, its probably a whole lot of ocean.

This is how modern humans spread across the planet after leaving Africa 60,000 years ago. The number over each continent is when they arrived (40k = 40,000 years ago).

Just how big Africa actually is.

The most commonly consumed beverages around the world.

The flow of oil around the world.

Map of Pangea with current International borders.

The entire world population concentrated into one city.

How the United States would look today if every attempt to secede from the union had been successful.

How Europe would look if all separatist movements were successful.

The most commonly spoken languages in every U.S. state other than english and spanish.

How the world looked during the last ice age.

The worlds currencies.

The most photographed places in the world.

Prison population per 100,000 people.

Orienting the map to the North is merely a matter of convention. A south-up map is just as correct as our current maps… this is how the world would look.

Countries around the world that Britain has not invaded or occupied.

Where people feel the most and least loved.

The US compared to other countries in terms of economic inequality. In the blue countries the income is more equally divided than in America.

The earth’s cycle of seasons in one year.

Child poverty rates in the developed world.

The world’s nuclear powers.

The history of the United States.

You need to see this map, simply because it shows that Scandinavi takes the lead for the most metal bands per 100,000 people.

The earths distribution of people is incredibly unbalanced.

How many minutes you would need to work on minimum wages to afford a Big Mac.

The most common google autocomplete results for “Why is [state] so…”.

The spread of the Mongol empire.

The most popular streamed music artists from each state. Jay-Z is taking over.

World colonization since 1492.

Its surprising to see how few countries are “good” at protecting the freedom of the press.

What it takes to make one jar of Nutella.

How the world would look if all the world’s ice melted.

Global internet usage based on the time of the day.

The world divided up into 7 regions, each of the contains 1 billion people.

Where homosexuality around the world is still illegal as of 2013.

The world’s earthquakes between 1898 to 2012.

Countries that do not use the metric system.

Countries that use either Celsius or Fahrenheit to measure temperature.

The surface map of mars on the surface map of earth.

The surface map of earth on top of Jupiter’s surface map.

Driving orientation around the world. Red is right, Blue is left.

Every recorded meteorite to hit earth since 2300 BC

The longest straight line you can sail in is Pakistan to Russia, which is 20,000 miles!.

The most popular websites in countries around the world.

Earth at night.

Gender inequality by each country.

Literal Chinese translations of countries names.

The world happiness index.

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