The Brilliant Idea To Re-Model Brazil’s Empty Stadiums To Help The Poor

The World Cup and Brazil in general have been the focus of a lot of hate over the past few months because of their lack of care towards the poor and needy while spending billions on a football tournament.

However the World Cup is now over and this leaves 12 empty stadiums just sitting there. Two of the venues were only temporary, and can be dismantled. Three or Four will be remodeled and used during the 2016 Olympics this leaves at least 6 unoccupied football stadiums.

Now a brilliant idea called Casa Futebol has come to light, the project by French designers and architects Axel de Stampa and Sylvain Macaux proposes to turn the empty stadiums into housing for the poor. The architects say colorful modular housing units could be installed between the concrete pylons that form the stadiums’ infrastructure.

Each unit would be over 1,100 sq ft, which is more than enough room for a family of four. The fields will remain as football pitches, but when they’re not in use they can be used by the occupant of the units.

At the moment, it’s a mere concept but with enough backing and the best intentions it’s certainly got the potential to go all the way. Find out more about the Casa Futebol project here.


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