10 Years after Hurricane Katrina, Six Flags Theme Park in New Orleans Still Lies Abandoned

Once a theme park alive with the sound of happy voices, thrill seekers screaming with delight and flashing lights from rides and roller coasters, 10 years on from Hurricane Katrina Six Flags theme park still lies abandoned.

The amusement park located in the city of New Orleans has slipped into a rusty state of decay after it was left abandoned due to the hurricane submerging the entire 140-acre site under several feet of water for more than a month.

The last time the park was opened was back in 2005. Six Flags no longer own the site and since 2007 many companies have tried to redevelop the park with little success. For now the site remains a popular film set with movies such as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes having been filmed there, as well as the upcoming movie Jurassic World.


The 140-acre site which was flooded for over a month.

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