The 34 Laziest Things to Ever Happen

You are hardly going to believe your eyes. The laziness is off the scale. Here are the 34 laziest things to ever happen.

1. Sitting down on the job.

2. Seriously? the bin is RIGHT THERE!

3. The person who didn’t remove the packaging.

4. Calories burned = 0.

5. Taking the dog for a walk with the aid of a car.

6. He’s not lazy, the people who put the escalator there are lazy.

7. Lazy or genius?

8. Wow, scary stuff.

9. Another dog walker.

10. Sleeping on the job.

11. Mowing the lawn.

12. Inventive christmas lights. Couldn’t be bothered to unravel them.

13. Lazy people. Lazy people everywhere.

14. Why have others not copied.

15. Half a job.

16. Why bother removing the packaging.

17. Inventive use for a Segway.

18. No hands tablet device.

19. Is it really that difficult?

20. Buys chair. Uses the box it came in as a seat.

21. Why bother getting out of the car for fuel anymore when you can do it from the comfort of your own car.

22. Sitting down on an escalator. She must be tired.

23. Soft drink mayhem.

24. Not lazy. Just evil.

25. It might be a lazy way of sipping a drink whilst sunbathing, but it’s pretty creative.

26. Well played. Lazy neighbours.

27. Too much work to move the branch. Better go around it.

28. Taking out the rubbish in style.

29. Well the dog loves it anyway…

30. Lazy Halloween.

31. Birthday cake still in its cake mix box.

32. Playing Wii whilst eating.

33. The only way you should be eating your burgers.

34. The laziest father in the world.

Do you know someone who is just as lazy as these people?

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