20 Awesome Ways to Organise Your Cats

If you love cats so much you are slowly becoming overrun with them? then you need to see these 20 awesome ways you can keep your furry friends organised.

1. Too many cats? roll each one of them up into a nice cat wrap.

2. Why not store your cats like this?

3. File your cats away.

4. Make a frame for your cats to sleep in.

5. Get little pots to put your cats in.

6. Or just use mugs. Awww.

7. Get them buckets to sit in. These kitties look like they are planning world domination.

8. Use baskets for the larger cats.

9. Another cat pleased with it’s new filing system.

10. These awesome cat shelves.

11. A hammock for your kitties.

12. Clear boxes. “if it fits, I sits”.

13. Cat stack.

14. Give them all an individual box to peep out of.

15. A box for kittens and a box for pens. Purfect.

16. Or just use some leftover bags.

17. As proven before, boxes are a great way to organise them.

18. For smaller kittens, use cups.

19. Or wrap them up and give them adorable hats.

20. Line them up in boxes with numbers so you never get confused again.

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