17 Signs That You Are Typically British


British people are a special kind of human. We love tea, are overly reserved and will apologise to anyone and anything, even when it is not our fault. Here are 17 signs that you are typically British.

1. You are polite to people you hate and insult the people you like.

you bitch

Being polite to someones face when really you hate their guts is a common thing, and as soon as they turn their back you can have a good bitch about them. And whilst doing that it's always good to insult your friends too.

2. Strong opinions about queuing. Also, calling it queuing.

british people queue

Damn right. Us Brits love to queue. Everyone must form a line and respect the queue otherwise brace yourself for more evil stares than you could possibly handle.

3. Using expressions such as "half 8" meaning 8:30.


In Germany the phrase "half 8" actually means 7:30, so you can see there is potential for a lot of confusion here.

4. Catching someones eye in public, then proceeding to look in every direction other than that persons direction.

catching someones eye

Quick! look in every other direction possible.

5. You only have to ever ask everyone in your office once how they like their tea.


After that you become a certified tea badass. Never having to ask anyone how they like their tea again.

6. Use of the word 'mug' without going on to reference some kind of drink.


You absolute mug.

7. Greeting everyone by asking if they're alright.


And the answer is always "Alright".

8. Using the word "Cheers" as an expression of gratitude all the time.

cheers mate

And always following it up with the word "mate"

9. An underlying yet acceptable affectionate hate for the French out of a sense of national obligation.


Nobody mentions it, but we all know that it's there.

10. Describing something as "mental" in place of "crazy" or "insane".


"Last night was absolutely mental".

11. Talking about the weather when you have nothing better to say.


Its the go-to small talk.

12. Using the word "quid" instead of pounds.

pound coins

13. When some asks if you are okay, and you reply "can't complain". On the inside you feel like this...


When you think about it, it's almost as if it is not acceptable to not be ok. Even if your entire family had just been wiped out, you would still feel obliged to respond with "Yeah, as good as can be expected."

14. When you are abroad and find yourself complaining about not being able to get a decent cup of tea.

amazing tea

It's just not the same.

15. You live a reserved life, afraid to show any signs of enthusiasm as you fear people will find you "cringeworthy".


Everyone is guilty of this. We all care too much about what others think.

16. No matter where you are in the world, when someone asks where you are from you respond with your town, not the country.


Because everyone should know were your town is.

17. If you get in someones way you automatically apologize to them. "I am so sorry that you walked into me".

i dont

The lesson here is that we should all really take note of Morgan Freeman. Wise words as always.