You Will Be Shocked to Learn How the Media Twists the Truth on a Daily Basis

News is happening all the time, and when their is nothing worth really reporting on media companies will look to create a story to fuel the 24 hour cycle. Naturally in order to make a story or something worth reading the truth has to be stretched a little, leaving us, the readers at risk of being mislead.

When you look through these you will see that sometimes they have more sinister motives behind their actions that you might have first thought.

Twisting poll results just so that Miley Cyrus wins “Person of the Year”. Despite the fact that Edward Snowden clearly had more votes.

Noam Chomsky pretty much hits the nail on the head right there.

How the simple cropping of an image can tell a completely different story. Always question what is put before you.

When two companies post the same article, you have the question why?. This has got to be political motivated.

This really puts a lot into perspective…

These News Anchors are proof…

You pay more, you get good press.

They can distract you from other important matters.

The GREATEST enemy.

This is perception Vs. Reality

Now you have seen these, you might start questioning how the media portrays certain events and topics. Don’t get too paranoid but it’s always good to question publications and look twice at them, after all there is always two sides to every story.

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