The 25 Most Extreme Journeys People Take to Get to School

For millions of children around the world at this time of year, the time to start school has come around again, and for some that time has come all too quickly. If you find yourself dreading the first day back whether a parent of a student yourself, spare a thought for those around the world who have to quite literally go the extra mile to even have an education.

It’s easy to forget that for some people, school is something that is hard earned and not easily accessed. For these children, the journey to school is far from what any of us would consider ordinary, and the lengths that they go to in order to get an education is truly remarkable. Here are 25 of the most extreme journeys to school in the world.

This journey into the Mountains of Gulu, China, is probably the most isolated on earth. With a path just 1ft wide, the dangerous journey takes 5 hours.

School children scaling wooden ladders that are unsecured, located in Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China.

Children embarking on a journey to a boarding school located in The Himalayas, Zanskar, Indian Himalayas.

Students cross a damaged suspension bridge in Lebak, Indonesia.

Some kids would probably love this, but when you think about it, it’s actually incredibly dangerous. The children have to fly down a 800m Zipline that is suspended 400m above The Rio Negro River, Colombia.

Forget the morning school run in the car, in Riau, Indonesia, students use a canoe to get to school.

Pupils travelling across an incredible tree root bridge in India.

This young girl rides on a bull to get to school.

Kids ride on a crowded TukTuk in Beldanga, India.

A child and parent make the dangerous journey across a broken bridge covered in snow in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, China.

Children take a wooden boat to get to school in Pangururan, Indonesia.

School girls cross a thin plank on the wall of the 16th century Galle Fort In Sri Lanka.

Pupils traveling on a boat in Kerala, India.

Students riding a horse cart home from school in Delhi, India.

Here, students must cross the Ciherang River from Cilangkap Village, Indonesia, in order to get to school. They are using makeshift raft made using Bamboo.

To get to school students must endure a 125 mile journey through the Mountains, Pili, China.

If you thought the bridges looked scary, they had nothing on this. Students cross a tight rope that is suspended 30 feet above a River in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Young school children use an inflated tire to cross a river in Rizal Province, Philippines.

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