25 Thoughts Every Dog Has Had about Life


For those that have pets, in this case dogs, it can hard to understand how they work sometimes. Sure we all know they love food and going for walks, but have you ever wondered what really goes on inside their heads?.

You no longer have to wonder anymore. Here are 25 thoughts that pretty much every dog has had at least once and some of them even on a daily basis.

dog and cat cute
dog barking
dog burys stuff
dog chase mailman
dog disguise mailman
dog does owner hate me
dog fetch stick
dog food confused
dog food time
dog home owner returns
dog hungry
dog licks balls
dog owners leave house
dog poop
dog scared thunder
dog sniff butt
dog walking
dog watching tv
funny dog showerthoughts 1
humans dog poop
man shaving
stepped on dog paw
toiler bowl dog