Billionaire Puts Private Canadian Island on Sale for $75 Million

An amazing private island located off the southeast corner of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, has been put up for sale by billionaire Craig McCaw who has made his fortune in the telecommunications industry. He purchased the property back in 1994 for the sum of $19 million. Fast forward 20 years to 2014 and it can now be yours for just $75 million. The island comes complete with its own private harbour, golf course and spa, and not to forget incredible views fit for a billionaire.

In total the island covers 780 acres and comes with its own golf course.

The main house is 5,000 square feet and includes a spa, gym and infinity pool.

There is also a private harbour that has plenty of room for more than one boat. Perfect for having rich friends over…

A view from above.

A small village still remains, left behind from when the island used to mine and extract dynamite.

James Island has plenty of trails and paths for guests to explore.

A view of the amazing golf course that runs along the very edge next to the water.

These buildings serve as reminders of the islands industrial past. During World War II it is thought that the island produced around 900 tons of dynamite a month.

via Business Insider

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