29 Rare Candid Photos of Famous Celebrities

On the rare occasion that famous celebrities get to spend away from the paparazzi and the public eye, they like to enjoy life like the rest of us by spending time with friends and family, travelling, going out for dinner and partying.

These photographs offer you a look into the world of a celebrity without the gloss and glam of show business and red carpet events. For years and years photographer Michael White has spent time rubbing shoulders with celebrities and has been nicknamed “the most famous person you’ve never heard of”.

Here are 29 rare candid photos of famous celebrities taken by White that you probably haven’t seen before.

Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Moss

Woody Harrelson

Johnny Depp

Elizabeth Taylor

Naomi Watts

Winona Rider

Drew Barrymore

Uma Thurman

Thandie Newton and Nicole Kidman

Susan Sarandon and Richard Gere

Christopher Reeves

Sharon Stone and Rupert Everett

Salma Hayek

Pierce Brosnan

Al Pacino, Jerry Hall, and Marie Helvin

Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts

Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson

Paul Simon and Lorne Michaels

Liv Tyler

Jude Law

Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson

Goldie Hawn

Harrison Ford

Carrie Fisher

Brook Shields and Peter Beard

Elle MacPherson and Anthony Hopkins

Demi Moore and Iggy Pop

Dolly Parton

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