37 Photos That Will Leave You Oddly Satisfied


Here are 37 photos that will leave you oddly satisfied after seeing them.

1. This persons cartoon book collection.

amazing cartoon book collection

2. This amazing display at a supermarket.

amazing produce supermarket opening

3. This insane trick shot.

amazing trick shot

4. A ball made of binder clips


5. The way these boxes fit into this truck.

boxes in a truck

6. The face left behind after burying someone knee deep in sand.

buried knee deep

7. The way a can of coke fits into a glass the same shape.

can ok coke glass

8. The way these coat hangers are arranged.

coat hangers

9. A message that only shows up when it rains created with stencils and Superhydrophobic coating.


10. The way these DVD's are arranged

dvd organisation

11. This feather duster throw

flying feather duster

12. Gummy Bears

gummy bear

13. The firing mechanism on this gun.

gun firing rifle

14. An iceberg that looks like Batman.

iceberg batman

15. The pattern on this pitch.

lawn cutting

16. Layers of sawdust that have collected under a table saw.

layers of sawdust in saw machine

17. A magnet in a workshop that collects iron particles in the air.

magnet in a workshop

18. The last few magnets are not on a hook.

magnets not on hooks

19. This man looks just like the guy on the front of the paper.

man looks like guy on newspaper

20. This cable organisation.

organised cables

21. How perfect these pancakes are.


22. This epic frisbee throw.

perfect timing

23. The way these pills are arranged.

pills fit perfectly

24. This jet wash win!

power washing

25. The books and curve in this shelf.

shelf and books

26. The way this box fits inside another box.

slow cooker just fits

27. This bench with snow on it.

the snow on this bench

28. This kick.

this kick

29. The tigers face also spells out the word tiger.

tiger nuts

30. This upside down car.

upside down car

31. The way the water flows perfectly through the plughole.

water tap

32. The way these Apps are lined up.

apps lined u

33. This dog building his own fort.

dog makes fort

34. A frog spotted inside an onion.


35. These two movies on Netflixs are holding hands.

holding hands

36. The coolest Instagram account ever.

perfect instagram account

37. This electricity pylon that looks like a clown.


h/t r/mildlyinteresting