Adorable Husky Puppy Saves Entire Family from House Fire


This adorable husky puppy is only 10 months old, yet managed to save her entire family from a house fire. The pup named Araya had only been with the family for one week when she saved the family from a suspected arson attack at their home in Manchester.

The family are lucky to be alive with no one badly injured. The fire started around 4am on Sunday. A wheelie trash bin had been pushed up against the front door to stop anyone leaving the home. When Araya woke to find the blaze she broke out of her cage and ran upstairs to wake the family who quickly became aware of the fire.

Everyone got out alive and the family are incredibly grateful. This story is a reminder of how amazing pets and especially dogs can be at sensing danger and showing loyalty to their owners.

husky puppy house fire 1

Araya and her owner Emma


husky puppy house fire 3

The back door that was blocked by a bin.

husky puppy house fire 4

Araya on the lookout

husky puppy house fire 5

The cage that Araya broke free from.

via Daily Mail