The Two Worst Cycling Kit Designs Ever

The Colombian Women’s cycling team recently kicked up a fuss with their interesting new kit design when they cycled through Italy on the Tour of Tuscany at the weekend. Many users on Twitter and social media were outraged that it was ‘sexist’.

The kit features a flesh toned section that runs around the waist and crotch area, but now it would seem that it was actually inspired by a kit worn by the mens team of Footon-Servetto-Fuji, which as you can see even features extra padding around the crotch area.


2010 Footon-Servetto-Fuji cycling kit


Colombian Cycling Teams Kit

The president of the International Cycling Union (UCI) has said that the Colombian women’s cycling kit was ‘unacceptable’, so don’t expect any cycling outfits this risky again anytime soon.

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