Dad Gets the Shock of a Lifetime during a Photo Shoot with Newborn Son


Parents around the world beware, next time you think a photo shoot with your new born baby is a good idea, just remember what happened to new dad Al Ferguson who was trying to capture the special bond between him and his newborn son.

The photo shoot was going well at first, and the baby looked relaxed.


Turns out that the Ted, the baby was a little to relaxed. As he laid peacefully in his fathers arms he took the opportunity to poo on his dad's arm.

baby poo on dad photo shoot

The look on Ted's face in the second photo is the best bit about this photo shoot. He looks so pleased with himself. The dad explains on a blogpost on The Dad Network that he had not anticipated such an eventful photo shoot.

We wanted to capture Ted in the earliest stages. Those first few weeks go so quickly, we wanted some quality reminders of him. Photos are very precious as they capture a moment and create a memory. During the shoot I felt his tummy muscles tense up and in that moment I knew what was about to happen. Unfortunately, it was just a moment and before I could do anything Ted exploded from his bum.

Of course a lot of parents out there can probably relate to this situation, its just one of those things. When baby Ted grows up lets hope that he has a sense of humour.

via BuzzFeed