The 31 Dumbest Things Ever Posted on Facebook

Here are the dumbest things ever posted on Facebook. The stupidity is beyond belief, but at least we get a laugh at their expense.

1. These penguins:

2. This:

3. The person who has trouble identifying animals:

4. The person who struggles to understand technology:

5. This:

6. This:

7. This person who is struggling with the concept of time:

8. This:

9. The person who couldn’t spell it right:

10. The person who believes in the power of nature:

11. This:

12. For this exact reason:

13. There is if you spell it right:

14. This:

15. Geography not even once:

16. Over sharing:

17. This:

18. Still didn’t get there:

19. This:

20. This person who cannot understand gravity:

21. This would indeed make you a taxi service:

22. They should have kept their mouths shut:

23. Never trust these people to design a pool for you:

24. This:

25. The Will Smith fan club. Wait. What?

26. This:

27. The guy who couldn’t work out the difference between a girl and fruit:

28. Are you actually serious:

29. What the hell is FB:

30. This not R2-D2:

31. Where could it be!?

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