These 20 Creepy Mannequins Are the Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

We can all agree on one thing, these mannequins should never have happened. The people that either designed them, made them or put them in their shops should have surely spotted just how creepy they are.

Being creeped out by mannequins is common, and is known as automatonophobia, which to you and me is the fear of things that look human but don’t talk or move. It’s easy to see why this fear is so common after seeing these….

1. Creepy smiles.

2. Those teeth.

3. Creepy jumbled up mannequin.

4. This child mannequin.

5. Where is the face!?. Nope.

6. Nope.

7. No way.

8. What the hell is going on here?

9. Just look into the eyes.

10. Creepy child.

11. The creepiest mannequin family ever.

12. Noooo way.

13. It looks so innocent which is what makes it creepy.

14. Thankfully kids are not this scary in real life.

15. Zombie mannequin?

16. “I am going to eat you”

17. Looks like it’s about to come alive.

18. Who thought this would be a good idea for their shop?

19. Horror movie worthy.

20. There is nothing we can say about this.

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