The 10 Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram



Twitter is the original creator of the Hashtag and was invented as a way of organising tweets and current trends, but now they can be found across the web on many others sites such as Tumblr, Google + and of course Instagram. By using a # symbol followed by a word that is related to the picture you post you can organise your photos and other Instagram users can search for those Hashtags and stumble across your photos.

It's a great way of gaining new followers providing your profile is set to public. Below are the top 10 hashtags used on Instagram, so providing they are relevant to the photo you are uploading it might be worth including them.

hashtag instagram love 1

What it means: Love for life, puppies or a significant other.

688,371,641 posts

hashtag instagram instagood

What it means: A term used to describe the quality of a picture from bad to good. If a photo is worth putting on Instagram it is deemed as Instagood

311,285,853 posts

hashtag instagram me

What it means: To let everybody know that it really is you in the picture you just uploaded.

294,570,909 posts

hashtag instagram tbt

What it means: Throw back thursday is a hashtag used when you upload a picture of yourself or a memory on thursday from the past. Common themes are old selfies and pictures of people on holiday.

268,947,058 posts

hashtag instagram cute

What it means: Normally pictures of puppies, cats, babies or selfies.

255,719,307 posts

hashtag instagram follow

What it means: Please please please follow my profile.

255,444,044 posts

hashtag instagram followsme

What it means: The ultimate way of fishing for followers and likes.

237,545,376 posts


hashtag instagram photooftheday

What it means: A hashtag normally reserved for anybody who thinks that they have the best photograph of the day on Instagram.

236,134,752 posts

instagram hashtags

What it means: Presumably that you are happy, or at least trying to prove to everyone else you are whilst really you still feel sad inside.

219,651,436 posts

instagram hashtags 1

What it means: Pretty self explanatory. People just use this tag because it is popular to try and gain likes.

219,050,693 posts

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