Mark Bustos Shows How Small Acts of Kindness Can Make the Biggest Difference

Meet Mark Bustos, a thirty-year-old hair artist who works in a boutique salon in Manhattan. Working in an upscale barbers he is used to dealing with clientele with money, evident by the price list which starts at $150. Having cut a fair few stars hair you would think that this is why Bustos has been attracting attention via social media but you would be wrong. In his spare time he goes out onto the streets and offers haircuts to the homeless who cannot afford even a basic hair cut from your average barber.

We all know the feeling of getting our hair cut, It feels great, so imagine how happy these people are when Mark approaches them in a friendly manor and starts with the words “I want to do something nice for you today.” Having your hair cut can be a real confidence boost and this often shines through after Mark has finished working his magic with some people who looked virtually lifeless beforehand revealing their stories and thanking Mark for his kind deed.

Mark continues to go around the streets of Manhattan and give back to the community in his own unique way, so you should definitely follow him on Instagram to keep up to date with what he is doing. His hashtag #BeAwesomeToSomebody is all that really needs to be said and is a heart-warming reminder of the good deeds that happen all around us everyday that go unnoticed.

h/t Instagram, Philstar

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