The 19 Cringiest Things to Ever Happen

So cringeworthy you are going to be left wishing they had never even happened, and you aren’t even involved.

1. This spelling error

2. Avril Lavigne meet and greets

Fans pay $400 to just stand near her. They don’t speak or even really make eye contact.

3. This comment

4. This celebration

5. Buying condoms in front of a nun

6. This creepy guy.

7. This man and his cat

8. This family photo

9. This receipt

10. This romance

11. The only one who dressed up

12. This breakup

13. This photo

14. This dads tattoo

15. The third wheel

16. This kid who doesn’t understand

17. The man who hasn’t ever heard of Tinder

18. This urinal sign

19. This so called musician

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