21 Clever Tattoos Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

These tattoos don’t just look funny, they actually poke fun at funny situations and tragic mishaps. Here are 21 tattoos that will actually make you laugh.

1. Mistakes were made

2. Tattoo pending

3. So anatomical

4. Dave you legend!

5. The ultimate giraffe tattoo

6. One giant leap for mankind

7. Mr Potato Mole Head

8. Zoidberg

9. For those that always want to look like they are working

10. How to fix a bad mistake.

11. When relationships turn sour

12. Three little pigs

13. Cut here.

14. One foot in the grave

15. Making light of a fun situation

16. For the clumsy

17. Human cleaning instructions.

18. You get the idea…

19. Clearly not one to listen to their own advice.

20. Looking for a job? improve your chances with this tattoo.

21. Incase you didn’t already know…

via buzzfeed

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