24 Buildings That Don’t Even Know What They Are Anymore

These buildings don’t even know what they are anymore. All of these buildings can be considered triumphs of architecture of complete fails – it just depends on how you look at them.

1. The stairs that don’t lead to anywhere

2. This house that has decided to spawn a smaller house inside itself.

3. Slowly leaning forward

4. Ermm…

5. “I woke up like this”

6. Just hanging out

7. It fell over

8. Twisty skyscrapers

9. Not to be upstaged by the last buildings. Wooahh

10. This building is slowly imploding on itself

11. They must have fell out with each other

12. So messed up…

13. The wrong way around

14. This one window is seriously upsetting

15. That poor balcony feels so unwanted.

16. The building that just isn’t sure what it is right now.

17. Another imploding building

18. You get the idea here.

19. Top heavy

20. ‘Just Landed’

21. Not sure if giant box with padlock or an actual building.

22. The building that morphed into a sheep.

23. Basket block

24. A little bit of everything thrown into one makeshift building.

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