20 Things Single People Don't Have to Deal With


Single people count yourself lucky. Here are 20 things single people don't have to deal with.

1. A really awkward proposal.

awkward marriage proposal

2. Public outbursts of love:

public outbursts of love

3. You won't have to put up with over sharing. Some things are best left unsaid.

creepy facebook couple

4. You don't have o deal with text conversations like this:

annoying couple texts

You seriously woke me up for this!?

5. Having to deal with an ex on Facebook.

facebook ex

Leave his beard out of this.

6. Awful fancy dress outfits:


7. Really bad wedding photos:

bad wedding photo

8. You won't have to endure matching outfits:

couple matching outfit

9. You won't end up getting a stupid tattoo.

bad tattoo

10. You won't end up making mindless decisions:

bad decisions

11. You don't have to battle for the bed covers.

Couple Sleeping on Opposite Sides of Bed

No more duvet hogging.

12. No spooning cramps.

spooning cramp

13. Awful romantic comedy films are optional.

love actually

If you want to watch love actually then you will.

14. You don't have to battle over who's family you are visiting during holidays.

couple argue

15. The last slice of pizza is always yours.

pizza love

16. You own the TV remote. You watch what you want to watch:

tv remote

17. No matching outfits that only make sense when together.

crigney outfits

18. You don't have to pretend to like your partners annoying friends.

i dont like you

19. Not listening to someone complain.


20. And finally. Not having to put up with someone else's bad breath in the morning.

bad breath