How the Average Workspace Has Changed Since the 1980's

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This fascinating project put together by Best Reviews shows how in the past 35 years the average workspace has been transformed from a sometimes cluttered and busy desk to what is now essentially just a laptop and a smartphone.

The workspace of 2014 can do most of what the workspace of the 1980's could except rather than having a globe to find out where a country or location is we now have google maps and instead of using a pen and paper it is sometimes easier just to write down a note on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

In 1980 the first personal computer was surrounded by a whole number of other items such as notepads, printers, a telephone and books.

By 2005 things started to get even less cluttered. Google maps took over the globe.

And this is how the modern desk looks. A laptop and a smartphone does everything that the cluttered desk did back in 1980, almost.


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