24 People Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Transport Things

These 24 people shouldn’t be allowed to transport things. Some of them are such fails it hurts.

1. Could have easily got another one on there.

2. Put a few more on, its not scraping the floor yet.

3. Poor piggies.

4. A steel structure thats big enough to be a house.

5. Put a log at the front end to balance it out.

6. Yeah.. that will be fine.

7. Nothing to see here. Just an elephant riding in the back.

8. Stupidly dangerous, but it looks awesome.

9. DIY cow transporting.

10. Could easily get more on there.

11. It’s the wrong way around.

12. A car carrying a car.

13. Is he taking his hamster for a walk? or is that a microwave?

14. This is not going to end well.

15. “Hold on!”

16. Not even sure how that bike can support such weight.

17. He could pull some easy wheelies on this bike.

18. This person must love balloons.

19. We wonder if he made his journey without anything falling off.

20. There are no words…

21. If it doesn’t fit, strap it in anyway.

22. Bike Mountain

23. Yep. Looks safe.

24. Surely that creates drag in the wind?

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