This Artist Uses a Typewriter to Create Unique Portraits


typewriter celebrity portraits 1

When it comes to art, the scope for what can be done and the material used to create it are huge. People can create art out of the most unlikely of materials and using some pretty unusual techniques and they don't come much more unique than Artist Alvaro Franca who uses a typewriter to create portraits of his favourite writers.

Fusing both his love for literature and art he layers characters in precise order on a typewriter to create the images you see below. By varying the letter or symbol used he is able to create the illusion of shadows and highlights.


The process is a lengthy one as each letter is first mapped out with a computer and then entered into the typewriter by hand. One mistake and the entire portrait is ruined.

typewriter celebrity portraits 3

Portrait of Clarice Lispector

typewriter celebrity portraits 4

Portrait of Jack Kerouac

typewriter celebrity portraits 5

Portrait of J.D. Salinger

typewriter celebrity portraits 6

Portrait of Jose Saramago

typewriter celebrity portraits 7

Portrait of Charles H. Bukowski

Here is a video of the process:

via Viralnova