Beautiful River Deltas Photographed from above Appear like the Blood Vessels of Earth


Beautiful river deltas flow across our planet, largely going unnoticed both for the incredibly complexity and the benefits they have for over 500 million people around the world. They play the important role of distributing sediment from rivers to the shorelines.

It is estimated that 1 out of 15 of the world's population lives and works on one of 40 major deltas across the globe. When viewed from space their true scale is revealed and they appear like the major arteries and blood vessels of earth.

river deltas 1

Bijagos archipelago, West Africa


The Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea

river deltas 3

The Lena Delta, Russia

river deltas 4

The delta in Ganges River, Bangladesh

river deltas 5

Mississippi Delta in Louisiana, United States

river deltas 6

Shanghai, China

river deltas 7

Khatanga River delta in Siberia, Russia

river deltas 8

Bombetoka Bay, Madagascar

river deltas 9

Betsiboka estuary in Madagascar

river deltas 10

The delta in Ganges River, Bangladesh

river deltas 11

Cairo, Egypt

river deltas 12

Lena delta in Russia - false colouring highlights the varying landscape.

river deltas 13

The Volga Delta, Russia

river deltas 14

The Yukon river delta, Alaska

Photographs by barcroftmedia

via DailyMail