The 14 Biggest Movie Plot Holes Ever


After seeing these plot holes and fails you will never be able to look at your favourite films and TV shows ever again.

1. Drive

movie fail driver

2. The Dark Knight

story plot fails dark knight

4. Jurassic Park

story plot fails jurrasic park

5. Aladdin

movie fail aladdin

6. Beauty and the Beast

movie fail beauty and beast

7. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

movie fail chamber of secrets

8. Forrest Gump

movie fail forest gump

9. Jurassic Park

movie fail jurassic park

There was a perfectly long enough time period between the fence being switched off and then back on for them to crawl through it.

10. Karate Kid

movie fail karate kid

11. Planet of the Apes

movie fail planet of the apes

12. The Hobbit

story plot fails lotr

13. Toy Story


14. X-men (2000)

story plot fails xmen