20 Halloween Houses That Totally Nailed It

If you are going to go all out on the costumes this year then why not go all out with decorating the house as well. Here are 20 halloween houses that totally nailed it.

1. The Ghostbusters House

2. Area 51

3. Scary Babies in Cages

4. Creepy Clowns. Nope.

5. Creepy Face

6. Frankenstein

7. Scary Ghouls

8. The Graveyard

9. Realistic Horror Movie

10. Scary Blow Up House

11. The King of Jack-o’-lanterns

12. Jurrasic Park meets King Kong

13. Pirate

14. Pop is dead

15. Even more Jack-o’-lanterns

16. Simpsons

17. Spiders. Nope

18. Transformers

19. UFO

20. The Walking Dead

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