These People Had One Job, and That Was Too Much

These people only had one job and they couldn’t even do that. You had one job people… even that was too much.

1. This lock

2. Spiderman doesn’t look so good

3. The look of disappointment on this kids face.

4. What is going on with these jeans?

5. Pretty sure that isn’t the ladies

6. Know the difference

7. The worlds most pointless balconies

8. The toilet seat from your nightmares

9. McDonalds lowering their standards

10. The most pointless job

11. Fresh what?

12. This is just evil

13. Ouch!

14. Not so tasty burgers

15. Blue Pumpkins

16. This will annoy anyone with OCD

17. Kristopher with a K

18. Princess Connor

19. Wanted Coca Cola and got Sprite

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