Introducing Pot Noodle's New Invention... The Choc Noodle.


From the noodle specialists that brought you Bombay Bad-Boy and Christmas Dinner, we can now introduce you to... Choc Noodle.

That's right a chocolate Pot Noodle, okay it doesn't really scream delicious but wait a minute. This new concoction includes chocolate powder, that when mixed with boiling water and the noodles makes a "luxurious chocolate sauce" - The chocolate substance also features chunks of butter fudge, milk chocolate chips and pecan nuts... Yum?

The recipe was dreamed up by award-winning chocolate Paul A. Young who promises the pot is "wonderfully indulgent" and has a "depth of flavour."

In a recent statement, Monique Rossi, the Pot Noodle marketing manager, said;

We know our fans love the ultimate comfort food flavors in a pot and our first chocolate dessert offers another occasion to enjoy their favorite noodles with delicious ease.

I'll let you make up your own mind, but I'm definitely willing to give it a go.


via Independent