This Louis Vuitton Punch Bag Costs $175,000


It might be hard to make sense of the title above when you first read it, but that $175,000 price tag is correct. This Louis Vuitton punching bag comes with a boxing trunk that its made of cowhide and trimmed with brass. If you think the price is steep then bare in mind that you could also use this trunk to transport clothes and other goods so you are getting a bit more for your money than just a punch bag.

The punch bag and trunk comes with the iconic monogram print that Louis Vuitton is world famous for, and also available is a bag with matching boxing gloves also sporting the same print. Only 25 of these sets are going to be made which is just as well as we can't see many people queuing up to buy this, the only person we can think of is Floyd 'Money' Mayweather.

Would you really want to repeatedly punch something that cost you $175,000 though? most of us will never know.

This Louis Vuitton Punch Bag Costs $175,00 1

This Louis Vuitton Punch Bag Costs $175,00 2

This Louis Vuitton Punch Bag Costs $175,00 3