New Supersonic Private Jet Is Capable of 1,200 MPH



This is the Aerion AS2, a private jet capable of reach 1,200 mph and taking you New York city to London in just 3 hours, much like the Concorde of the past. Set to be the private jet of the future, the AS2 is a luxury craft made of carbon fibre and featuring a luxurious interior.

It can take off and and land in pretty much any airport but there is one slight problem - it creates a rather large sonic boom that the US Government don't like which means for now it is forbidden to fly over the mainland. Once this technical hitch is overcome we are sure we will see it become the must have for high-flying CEO's.

new supersonic jet 1

new supersonic jet 2

new supersonic jet 3

new supersonic jet 4

via Airows