42 Rarely Seen Photographs of Famous Celebrities


When we see celebrities on TV, in the newspaper or online it is often in a setup environment. The way they behave changes, the way they put themselves across changes and they can feel under pressure to perform. The photographs however show celebrities in a new light.

Candid and personal photos that are not always intended for the world to see often reveal a person true personality as do these 42 rarely seen photographs of famous celebrities. The amount of cool in these photos is off the scale.

1. Albert Einstein just chilling in his sandals.

albert einstein

2. Armstrong after the moon landing.

armnstrong after moon landing

3. Arnold and Shaq

arnold and shaq

4. The Back to the Future cast

back to future cast

5. The Beatles and Muhammed Ali

beatles and ali

6. The Beatles


7. Bill Clinton and JFK

bill clinton and jfk

8. Bill murray and Obama

bill murray and obama

9. Bob Marley

bob marley

10. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. Too much cool for one picture.

chuck norris and bruce lee

11. Clint Eastwood

clint eastwood

12. Cosby Show Cast

cosby show cast

13. Danny DeVito and Christopher Reeve

danny devito and christopher reeve

14. Danny DeVito

danny devito

15. Drew Barrymore and Corey Feldman

drew barrymore and corey feldman

16. Frodo and Kevin

fordo and kevin

17. Gandalf in shades


18. George Lucas, David Bowie and Jim Henson

george lucas david bowie jim henson

19. A young Harry Potter cast

harry potter cast

20. Heath Ledger on the set of The Dark Knight

heath ledger

21. Hugh Laurie

hugh laurie

22. Ian Flemming and Sean Connery

ian flemming and sean connery

23. James Brown and Mick Jagger

james brown mick jagger

24. Jay Z just chillin

jay z

25. Jimmy Hendrix and Mick Jagger

jimmy hendrix mick jagger

26. John Travolta dances with Lady Diana

john travolta and lady diana

27. Johnny Depp doing some ironing

johnny depp

28. The Lord of the Rings cast

lotr cast

29. Madonna, Sting and Tupac

madonna sting tupac

30. Marilyn Monroe before she became an actress and model

marilyn monroe

31. The coolest bar photo in the world. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson

michael caine morgan freeman liam neeson

32. A young Michael Jackson watched Stevie Wonder play the piano

michael jackson stevie wonder

33. Michael Jackson

michael jackson

34. Michael Jordan

michael jordan

35. Martin Luther King and Marlon Brando

mlk and marlon brando

36. Mr T and Michael Jackson

mr t michale jackson

37. Paul McCartney

paul mccartney

38. Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood

paul newman and clint eastwood

39. Shigero Miyamoto and Deadmau5

shigero miyamoto and deadmau5

40. Snoop Dogg


41. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates hanging out together.

steve jobs and bill gates

42. Wilt Chamberlain, Arnold and Andre the giant

wilt chamberlain arnold and andre the giant

source: Imgur