This New Tinder-Like Dating App Is Only for the Elite

A new app has been created just like Tinder however unlike Tinder not anyone can sign up, you first have to be highly successful and earn a lot of money.

The current users of ‘Luxy’ include the likes of CEOs, investors, millionaires, fitness models, professional athletes and even Hollywood celebrities.

Luxy works exactly the same way as Tinder does, and when signing up users are asked questions on their favourite brands (all luxury and designer of course) and what hobbies they like, however there is one exception. Users who are not deemed attractive enough or those that cannot compete with the average Luxy users salary of over $200,000 will be immediately removed from the app.

The only problem we see is that anybody can sign up to Luxy and lie about how much money they make a year and without verification it is unclear how Luxy will seek these people out and remove them.

If you want to meet self absorbed, incredibly materialistic people online then you can download the app here, just don’t bet on everyone you meet to actually be banking that magical $200,000 + a year.

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