Entrepenauer Takes Full Advantage of the Bending iPhone 6 Plus



Following on from the whole issue over the iPhone 6 Plus being prone to bending when put in peoples pockets or having heavy pressure applied, someone has come up with a way to make bent iPhone users can still look after their phones like the rest of us.

By designing a case thats already bent, the case allows iPhone 6 Plus owners to protect their phones from any further damage with a case that actually fits. Those suffering from a bent iPhone as you can imagine could not fit their devices into a standard, so perhaps this one will make everything better.

bent iphone samsung advert

Thousands of customers have been left outraged and Apple has taken a lot of abuse from other companies including the likes of Samsung who have enjoyed poking fun at the iPhones huge flaw.

bent iphone 6 plus case

Fixing a bent iPhone would probably cost anywhere up to £100, however these BendGate cases can be purchased online for around £20, or you can 3D print it one.