iPhone 6 Plus Will Bend When Put in Your Pocket

If it wasn’t bad enough for the poor souls that had already smashed their iPhone 6, it turns out that there are just as many people who have ended up with a bent one instead.

It would seem that having an iPhone is a perilous path these days with many risks to be considered, the latest one being whether or not you should put your phone in your pocket. The revelation comes after many users have posted pictures on social media of their ‘bent’ iPhone 6’s.

The iPhone 6 Could Bend In Your Pocket… !! haha.. love u APPLE pic.twitter.com/MJV2s5kT1a

— Nelson Cardoz (@nelsoncardoz) September 23, 2014

It would appear that the bending is being caused by tight trousers such as skinny jeans. It is rumoured that Apple have advised people to not keep the phone in their pockets which seems rather ridiculous. We should point out however that this is more a problem for the iPhone 6 Plus which is the larger of the two new devices.

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