The 12 Most Beautiful Caves in the World

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There are some pretty astonishing places in the world, but the most awe inspiring are always those created by nature itself. Here are the 12 most beautiful caves in the world.

1. Ice Cave, Iceland

iceland ice cave

photo via Iurie Belegurschi

2. Batu Caves, Malaysia

batu caves malaysia

photo by Danny Xeero

3. Naica Mine, Mexico

naica mine mexico

photo via boredpanda

4. Ice Cave, Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia

ice cave mutnovsky volcano russia

photo via

5. Blue Cave, Croatia


photo via

6. The Shower, Temimina Cave, Brasil

temimina cave brasil

photo via boredpanda

7. Son Doong Cave, Vietnam


photo via boredpanda

8. Jenolan Caves, Australia


photo via kasubiguasagua

9. Fingals Cave, Scotland

fingals caves

photo via wall4all

10. Kangaroo Island, South Australia

kangaroo island caves

photo via istihbaratdunyasi

11. Cavernas De Mármol, Chile


photo via

12. Glow Worm Grotto, New Zealand’s north island


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