30 Innovations That Would Make Our Lives A Lot Better

Everyday something new is thought up and invented that would genuinely make a lot of our lives a lot better. Unfortunately for certain reasons, a lot of these ideas are never put in front of our eyes.

Here’s a look at 30 innovations that would definitely make our lives better if we were actually able to get hold of them.

1. No more annoying tangled earphones

2. No more getting to a parking space only to realise its taken by a smart car

3. Compact helmet

4. Instant Pizza!

5. Water fountain

6. Getting paid to recycle

7. Stop light with a timer

8. A tracking device that looks like a keyring

9. Batteries that can be charged via USB

10. This simple bike lock

11. This device allowing easy access to those bottom Pringles

12. This Segway / Vacuum cleaner

13. This toilet

14. A solar powered charger that attaches to windows

15. This custom soft drink variety pack station

15. This socket extension that can be hidden away when not being used.

16. A device that can charge your phone using hot or cold drinks.

17. This pizza holder

18. These wet floor signs

19. The pen that can colour match any colour.

20. This slide / stair combo

21. Easy to open packing tape

22. A mug that stops spilt coffee reaching your desk

23. This bag with built in hood

24. Wall sockets that light up

25. Power strips that can expand and rotate

26. This ridiculously comfy looking cinema

27. This bin that invites you to a challenge. Would you score or miss?

28. Benches you can turn so you always have a dry seat.

29. This easy to clean hairbrush

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