33 Mind Bending 3D Tattoos


A tattoo is a pretty permanent piece of art, so you wouldn't trust just anyone with the task of permanently inking your skin. There are a lot of people out there who are incredibly talented tattoo artists, and this is just some of their work.

Its one thing writing some fancy words on someones back or arm but it's another to be able to create 3D tattoos that leave your mind in a twist. Here are 33 mind bending 3D tattoos.

1. Optical illusion


via  allstarinktattoos.blogspot.co.uk

2. Terminator arm

arm muscle fiber

via yomicoart.com

3. Broken map

atlas 3d globe

4. Skeleton Corset

back tattoo

5. Broken Strings

broken strings

6. Butterfly

butterfly tattoo

via Imgur

7. A King Cobra. Woah.

crazy cobra arm

8. Creepy Doll Face

creepy face 3d tattoo

9. Alien breaking through

escaping alien

10. Neck Eye

eye in neck

11. Is this lady a robot or human?

girl robot tattoo

via tattoo77.com

12. Hidden Guitar

guitar arm

via echomon.co.uk

13. Pen behind the ear.

head pen tattoo

via College Humour

14. Magnifying glass

magnifying glass

via studiakrasy.sk

15. Robotic Leg

mechanical leg

via Facebook

16. Time Warp

optical illusion

via Instagram

17. Shoulder Zip

shoulder muscle zip

18. Optical Illusion Skull

skull illusion

via tattooideas247.com

19. Skull hidden between the lines

skull lines

20. Brick Skull


via tattoohunter.com

21. Impressive mural of a man jumping off a skyscraper

skyscraper tattoo

via telegraph.co.uk

22. Freaky spider tattoo

spider tattoo

23. This cut out star

star arm

24. Robotic Arm

terminator 3D tattoo arm

via yomicoart.com

25. Paw Print

wolverine claws

26. 3D Bee


via tattooset.com

27. Ladybug


via dailydoseoftattoos.com

28. Jigsaw Puzzle

puzzle foot

h/t boredpanda