The 25 Funniest Text Messages Ever Sent

Texting the wrong number, texting a parent or texting whilst drunk can result in some hilarious conversations. Here are 25 of the funniest text messages ever sent.

1. This mum who totally gets hashtags:

2. This mum who has changed the meaning of WTF forever.

3. This person who loves cereal.

4. This conversation between Maria and Dog:

5. This guy who has mastered the art of discretion.

6. This dad who loves fried fish fillets:

7. This person who loves cantaloupe:

8. The grandma who panicked and started naming U.S. states.

9. Noah who has reached another level of consciousness.

10. The dad who totally knows how to respond to a text.

11. This mum however isn’t so good at it.

12. Nana is a bit better. But still didn’t do too well…

13. The kid who changed the word ‘Hi’ to nugget in his mums phone.

14. Liz The Lizard king

15. The mum who thought iChat was Google:

16. Jason who has had a dozen and a half babies to drink.

17. When drunk texts burst into song.

18. The mother who totally gets memes.

19. Loser:

20. The father who knows how to have a good time.

21. “Don’t tell me how to live my life.”

22. “Here Bitch.”

23. Loser McLoserson.

24. We can’t decide whats funnier – the fact that its a stranger texting them with dog photos or that they mistook it for a cat…

25. And finally, the person who wants to share their green bean knowledge with the world.

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