Artist Captures Satellite Shots of Feedlots, Highlighting Food and Environmental Issues


With an increasing demand on our planets resources comes the need to up the level of supply, and this goes for everything in life including food, particularly the production of meat that we buy in our supermarkets. To do this in a humane way costs money so to keep costs down sacrifices are made at the expense of animal welfare and our environment.

The change in the way we now produce meat is not only detrimental to animals, but it is bad for the environment too. Artist Mishka Henner has become increasingly interested in these feedlots which are massive farms that animals go to be slaughtered.

Mishka began collecting satellite images of these largely unknown places that are at the very core of the food industry. The images give a perspective of the scale and its more than eye opening.

Feedlots are huge farms used to hold animals before they are slaughtered.

satellite images feedlots 1

The largest feedlots contain thousands of animals. These photographs give you an idea of their scale.


This many animals in such a small space creates a lot of waste which has to go somewhere, in this case a waste reservoir nearby.

satellite images feedlots 3

The waste gets it colour from contaminating chemicals. The waste can contaminate groundwater and nearby land.

satellite images feedlots 4

People who live nearby in towns and villages report health issues related to the waste produced by feedlots.

satellite images feedlots 5

Mishka Henner's work highlights important issues that effect every one of us and the animals welfare too.

via ViralNova