These Are the Skeletons of Your Favourite Cartoon Characters


The title might sound a little doom and gloom but don't worry, your childhood heroes are still alive, existing in a world were normal physics and biology simply don't exist. Cartoon characters often have unusual, totally un-human features so what would they look like in skeleton form?

Inspired by this, artist Hyungkoo Lee decided to strip our most beloved cartoon characters back to the bone, imagining what they might look like in skeletal form. By using resin, wire, aluminium and paint he replicates their extreme features so well you can still recognise them even if they are just skeletons.

The sculptures were featured in an exhibition back in 2008 at the Natural History Museum in Basel, Switzerland. Hyungkoo has chosen to give his sculptures some life by positioning them as if they were taken from a screen shot of the cartoons you know and love.

Bugs Bunny

bugs bunny

Donald Duck


Felix the Cat

felix the cat



Huey, Dewey, and Louie

huey dewey lewie

Road Runner

road runner

Tom & Jerry

tom and jerry

Tweety & Sylvester

tweety and sylvester

Wille E. Coyote

wille e. coyote