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European Landscapes Engulfed in Mystical Fog

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In this mystical photo series German photographer Kilian Schoenberger explores the foggy landscapes of central Europe, particularly focusing on his home country of Germany as well as the Czech Republic, Austria and France. All of the photographs were taken in the late summer and early fall as this is when the fog is at its best according to the photographer.

Sometimes travelling for up to 4 hours to get to a location Kilian gets to his destination an hour before sunrise, often staying up the entire night before to get prepared for a shoot. The photographer enjoys the early morning shoots and says "Since I'm ascending the mountains during the early morning hours, mostly alone, it's a very special experience,"

He states that the best part of the sunrise process is about 30 minutes before the sun is fully visible, this is often when the colours of the sky and the landscape are at their most magical. If what he is describing is the photographs below then we have to agree.

Check out more of the photographers work via his website and Facebook page.

kilian schoenberger fog europe 1


kilian schoenberger fog europe 3

kilian schoenberger fog europe 4

kilian schoenberger fog europe 5

kilian schoenberger fog europe 6

kilian schoenberger fog europe 7

kilian schoenberger fog europe 8

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