The 'Literally I Can't' Music Video Will Leave You Speechless


This new video titled 'Literally I Can't' will leave you feeling exactly the same whilst looking for words to describe what you have just witnessed.

The song (if you can call it that) by Play-N-Skillz featuring rappers Redfoo and Lil Jon has got the Redfoo into a lot of trouble after the video features frat bros making advances to a group of sorority girls that respond with 'Literally I Can't' - a popular phrase used when you have no words to describe a situation.

Lil Jon then jumps in on the chorus responding with "shut the f--- up," and thats not even the worst of it.

The song has been blasted for being misogynistic and Redfoo is getting a lot of hate over the situation. We will let you watch it and make your own decision but be warned, the video does contain some NSFW language.