This Guy Is Giving Away an around the World Trip to Anyone with His Ex's Name


A guy has posted on Reddit asking anyone with the same name as his ex to get in contact so that the around the world trip he had planned with her doesn't go to waste. A free tip around the world!? sounds great but your name has to be Elizabeth Gallagher.


Vice has identified the man from Toronto as 27-year-old Jordan Axani. He explains in his post:

I need your help. You see, in March I booked a fairly wicked trip around the world for this Christmas for my ex and I. While our relationship has come to a close, I am still planning on going on the trip and she is not (naturally). And because I hate the idea of a ticket around the world going to waste, I am looking for a Canadian named Elizabeth Gallagher who could use the ticket.

So if you are lucky enough to be called Elizabeth Gallagher, where will you be going? well the route is as follows.

December 21: NYC --> Milan December 28: Prague --> Paris December 29: Paris --> Bangkok January 7: Bangkok --> New Dehli January 8: New Dehli --> Toronto

jordan axani 1

He does express though that he isn't looking for companionship and is cool with the person going off and doing their own thing with the tickets, however he does ask a few things which is understandable:

1. Be sane, smart and (hopefully) interesting.2. Have always wanted to travel, but maybe haven't had the opportunity or cash to see much of the world.3. Be named Elizabeth Gallagher and have a Canadian passport.4. Be ready for a rather spontaneous life experience that will, one day, be an epic story that you'll tell your kids.5. Pay it forward. I’ve been lucky in life and this is me giving back to the universe. Do something similar someday.

So is your name Elizabeth Gallagher? if so then lucky you. Get in contact with Jordan Axani -

source: Reddit (h/t buzzfeed)